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The 16 Career Clusters: A Project-Based Orientation Middle School Solutions | 1th edition

Author: South-Western Educational Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780538449571
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Details about The 16 Career Clusters: A Project-Based Orientation Middle School Solutions:

Welcome to the world of job and career exploration. THE 16 CAREER CLUSTERS: A PROJECT-BASED ORIENTATION contains a chapter of hands-on activities for each of the U.S. Department of Education's 16 career clusters. Now you can explore job and career options through activities that help you discover what skills and traits are needed to be successful in each career field. The Career Cluster approach has been implemented in many classes today. It allows you to explore a wide range of career opportunities from entry level through management and professional levels. In the process of completing this book, you will learn more about your own talents and interests while thinking about each job or career as it relates to you, your plans, and your dreams for the future. You will learn about--and make decisions about--hiring practices, business ethics, emerging technologies, finances, and globalization.

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