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Rubberneckers: Everyone's Favorite Travel Game

Authors: Matthew Lore,Mark Lore
ISBN-13: 9780811822176
List Price: $12.99 (up to 43% savings)
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Details about Rubberneckers: Everyone's Favorite Travel Game:

"Rubberneckers is the newest way to avoid the dread 'Are we there yet?'" —Travel & Leisure

Rubberneckers finally puts an end to on-the-road ennui, whether you're road tripping, field tripping, or just facing the morning commute. A combination of games all of us have played at some point in our driving, and riding careers, this road trip activity for kids includes glossy cards with "I Spy" type instructions to keep riders of all ages entertained for hours.

Crack open the box of glossy cards and let the fun begin! You compete against other riders to spot the things listed on your card to gain points. Things to look for include someone picking their nose, someone singing, someone eating, and many other unusual and ordinary sightings.

Just think, there are 200 million cars in America. That's half a billion bored riders or a staggering 20 billion bottles of beer on the wall. Thank goodness for Rubberneckers—an easy-to-play game that's entertaining for the whole family! (Recommended for ages 8 and up).

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