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Potpourri, Incense, and Other Fragrant Concoctions

Author: Ann Tucker Fettner
ISBN-13: 9780911104974
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Details about Potpourri, Incense, and Other Fragrant Concoctions:

"Recipes for making potpourri sachets, scented candles, [and more]. . . Many good suggestions for decorating. . ."-- Library Journal.

"This delightful little book is for all flower lovers, rose gardeners, herb fanciers, and all who love the sweet smell of spring. Included are recipes and instructions for making enchanted scented concoctions-things like potpourris, sachets, incense, pomander balls, toilet water, and other flowery things"-- The South Carolina Gardener. Selection of the Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service. 209,000 copies in print.

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