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The Dawning of Apostasy: A Brief Overview of Vatican II | 2th edition

Author: David Martin
ISBN-13: 9780989642934
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Details about The Dawning of Apostasy: A Brief Overview of Vatican II:

A book finally emerges to set the record straight about Vatican II and how it was used by Vatican bureaucrats to change the course of Church history. This riveting and fast moving book provides a close-up of what really happened at the Council and how it opened the way for a new ecumenical movement not tied with Church tradition. It shows how progressivists hijacked the opening session and how they scrapped Pope John's plan for the Council, and how the liturgy was then used as a till to navigate Peter's Bark onto a new and dangerous course. In addition, this book provides the gist of the long awaited Third Secret of Fatima and reveals the "deception of the century" concerning Paul VI and what he endured at the hands of Vatican progressives. Hence it dispels the shadows of doubt and confusion that have bewildered Catholics since Council and provides clear and penetrating answers as to why the Church is where it is at today. It's the perfect meditation for the Year of Mercy to help offset the persecution to tradition minded Catholics that is now increasing with each passing day.

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