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I Am Earth: An Earth Day Book for Kids

Authors: James McDonald,Rebecca McDonald
ISBN-13: 9780998294902
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Details about I Am Earth: An Earth Day Book for Kids:

I Am Earth introduces kids to the basic concepts of earth science while also encouraging the importance of taking care of our special planet through environmental awareness and sustainability. Keeping Earth a happy and healthy place to live is important for everyone big and small.

In this Earth science book for beginners, kids learn what makes our planet so uniquely special and how people can work together to keep it a healthy home.I Am Earth is a great way to start children at an early age to care for the environment by understanding why the environment is so important and what they can do to help keep nature in balance, like recycle, reuse and conserve.

 For all living creatures that call planet Earth home, every day is Earth Day!Bright, vivid illustrations will capture kids' attention and keep learning fun.

"Keep Earth a happy, healthy place to live!"

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