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Origami Book - Simple To Advanced, Traditional Japanese Folding Papers

Author: Robert Harris
ISBN-13: 9781091989795
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Details about Origami Book - Simple To Advanced, Traditional Japanese Folding Papers:

With this origami folding book, learn how to create original animals, birds, follower… that are as beautiful as the treasures they hold!

Step-by-step diagrams, instructions, and photographs of the finished projects will show you how to make origami that are both decorative and interactive.

The benefit of Origami is being proven especially in the area of math, science, art, creativity and logic thinking. In addition, this can be a mindfulness therapy when folding familiar models. Folding papers will involve both our hands and mind to be active. It is a craft that is fun, mindfulness and therapeutic for all ages.

From simple creations to advanced works of art, Origami Book  will show you how to create unique and original origami toys and decorations.

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