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A Concise Guide to Drawing | 8th edition

Authors: David L. Faber,Daniel M. Mendelowitz
ISBN-13: 9781111344221
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Details about A Concise Guide to Drawing:

A CONCISE GUIDE TO DRAWING is a technique-based drawing manual based on the best-selling A GUIDE TO DRAWING. Condensed to focus on the main art elements, this concise guide maintains the excellent balance of classic, historical examples from around the world coupled with the most current images that reflect the state of the art of drawing, in a brief format. The text begins with an introduction to the nature of drawing, emphasizing the development of thought processes and developing sight skills. Part II provides the text's main focus, the art elements, including chapters on Line, Texture, Value and Color, Composition, and Linear Perspective and Forms in Space. The text concludes by touching upon the topics of drawing media, subject matter, as well as a new section on the most up-to-date drawing resources and materials.

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