R.E.D. Marketing: The Three Ingredients of Leading Brands

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Details about R.E.D. Marketing: The Three Ingredients of Leading Brands:

Create breakthrough marketing campaigns that achieve staggering consumer response rates by harnessing the power of R.E.D. Marketing: a transparent and flexible methodology from the CEO and CMO of marketing powerhouse Yum! Brands—Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut—with a genuine track record of success. Sidestep the other marketing books, courses, articles, and even TED talks that offer hypothetical explanations that sound sensible. Embrace the proven, systematic approach of RED Marketing, which the recent CEO and current CMO of Yum! Brands applied to lead Taco Bell and KFC to double digit growth—no PhD required! In 2011, Greg Creed had just been elevated from President to CEO of Taco Bell, a brand in deep distress at the time. It was on his shoulders to turn things around quickly along with co-author and CMO, Ken Muench. Together they developed the R.E.D (Relevance, Ease, Distinctiveness) method. It’s simple methodology does not require complicated terms and a PhD to understand, it’s actually quite simple—marketing works in three very different ways: Relevance—Is it relevant to the marketplace? Ease—Is it easy to access and use? Distinction—Does it stand out from competition? Combining actual examples from Yum! and other recognizable brands of every size around the world; the latest findings in marketing, neuroscience, and behavioral economics; and the author’s own experience marketing three different brands across 120 countries—your brand can set and achieve a truly breakthrough marketing campaign utilizing R.E.D Marketing.

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