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Teaching with Poverty and Equity in Mind

Compare Textbook Prices for Teaching with Poverty and Equity in Mind  ISBN 9781416630562 by Jensen, Eric
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Details about Teaching with Poverty and Equity in Mind:

Learn how you can succeed with the students who need you most in ways you never thought possible.

In this thought-provoking book, renowned educator and learning expert Eric Jensen takes his most personal, profound look yet at how poverty and inequity hurt students and their chances for success in life—and how teachers across all grade levels and subject areas can infuse equity into every aspect of their practice.

Drawing from a broad survey of research, personal and professional experience, and inspiring real-life success stories, Teaching with Poverty and Equity in Mind explains how teachers can

* Build relationships with students and create a classwide "in-group" where all learners feel a sense of safety and belonging.
* Incorporate relevance and cultural responsiveness into curriculum and instruction, increasing student buy-in and replacing compliance with collaboration and leadership.
* Use the uplifting power of stories to optimize energy and engagement and foster growth mindsets.
* Provide clear, actionable feedback that empowers students to evaluate and direct their own learning.
* Shift from disciplining students to coaching them with empathy, de-escalating disruptions and fostering more productive behaviors.
* Build stronger brains and cultivate capacity through powerful accelerated learning tools.
* Take steps to become a reflective and equitable educator, examining and debunking harmful biases and establishing personal and professional habits for a lifetime of growth.

This insightful, comprehensive guide also includes reflection prompts and downloadable tools and templates to help you move forward with implementation.

If we truly believe all students deserve a high-quality education, we need to commit to equity. It starts with each one of us. It starts with you.

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