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Getting StartED with Windows Live Movie Maker | 1st ed. Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Getting StartED with Windows Live Movie Maker 1st ed. Edition ISBN 9781430229018 by Floyd Kelly, James
Author: Floyd Kelly, James
ISBN-13: 9781430229018
List Price: $24.09 (up to 88% savings)
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Details about Getting StartED with Windows Live Movie Maker:

If you’ve ever watched a friend or family member’s home movies and wished you were home doing the laundry because it would be much more exciting, then you might find this book useful. If you’ve ever watched your friends and family members try to stay awake, fidget, and watch the ceiling fan spin while watching one of your home movies, then you might find this book useful, too. Either way, there is always room for improvement when it comes to homemade movies. While you have no control over other people’s movies, you do have control over your own. There are plenty of computer applications out there that will allow you to edit your movies, add music, pull in special effects, and tweak opening and closing credits. But not all of them are easy to use or easy to afford. The easy applications always seem to come with a high price… and the complicated ones seem to come with an even higher price! Well, not anymore. While Microsoft continues to charge for its newest and most popular operating system, Windows 7, and its productivity suite, Office, it does occasionally give away some really nice software. And one of those freebies just happens to be a great little video editing application called Windows Live Movie Maker, or Movie Maker for short.

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