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Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy: Problems, Text, and Cases [Connected Casebook] Aspen Casebook | 8th edition

Authors: Stephen G Breyer,John Edward Sexton Professor of Law Richard B Stewart,Robert Walmsley University Professor Cass R Sunstein,Adrian Vermeule,Michael Herz
ISBN-13: 9781454857914
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Details about Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy: Problems, Text, and Cases [Connected Casebook] Aspen Casebook:

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An outstanding author team examines administrative procedure and policy in light of substantive policy issues, such as public health and safety, environmental protections, and the regulation of the economy. Questions, notes, and problems support fruitful analysis of Supreme Court decisions, administrative acts, and matters of contemporary debate.


  • Revised materials on presidential appointment and removal
  • E-rulemaking, the Obama Administration's transparency and openness initiatives, and new technologies
  • Material on the Information Quality Act, midnight regulations, and guidance documents
  • A new section on global administrative law
  • Significant new Supreme Court decisions
  • Streamlined Notes and Questions

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