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Legal Attack: Chess an Intellectual Board War

Compare Textbook Prices for Legal Attack: Chess an Intellectual Board War  ISBN 9781480897212 by Murugan, Karthik
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Details about Legal Attack: Chess an Intellectual Board War:

Tactics are the most important things to know in chess, so in order to win, tactics must be learned and mastered. Legal Attack is a guidebook intended for players who have just begun their journeys into the world of chess.

Chess basics are first introduced, followed by a focus on puzzles. This book has 300 chess puzzles categorized under 30 powerful chess tactics. Practicing these puzzles will help recognize standard patterns to improve and win your games. These puzzles are organized from simple to complex, gradually taking readers through the important aspects of chess. Puzzles elaborate on tactics, mates, and traps. The solutions to all the puzzles are at the end of the book, so students of this sport can refer to them at any time.

Almost all chess games are decided by a tactical blunder, so mastering the basics and developing an advanced technique will help players win every game.

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