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Vehicle Electronics & Microprocessors

Author: Andrew Greaney
ISBN-13: 9781549869242
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Details about Vehicle Electronics & Microprocessors:

Most vehicle electronic books are difficult to read, use jargon and waffle on subjects that are not useful to the reader. This book aims to give the reader knowledge around vehicle electronics and vehicle microprocessors focused in a motorsport environment, giving background knowledge and understanding of vehicle electrical and electronic systems and components. The reader is given deep information and a detailed analysis behind vehicle microprocessor architecture and operation, hardware, interfacing and systems diagnosis. Subjects explored include memory elements, how microprocessor components work with each other, CANBUS, analogue and digital sensors, interference and noise, microprocessor communication, writing a program/coding within PICAXE and multiple calculations; resistance, current, volt drop and power dissipated from capacitors, using the simulation program Crocodile Clips. Containing useful references for more background reading if desired, this book is your one stop shop on covering vehicle electronics and microprocessors!

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