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Building Spelling Skills, Grade 2 | Teacher ed. edition

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Details about Building Spelling Skills, Grade 2:

The Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills, Grade 2 Teacher's Edition gives gr. 2 students the ability to learn 300 new spelling words, all while using a variety of activities and methods. Second graders will learn to read, write and spell each of the 10 words on the 30 different weekly spelling lists, while also solving puzzles, playing sorting games and completing hidden word exercises to gain additional work with each of the words. Teachers can track the progress of their grade two students with forms included in the teaching resource book as well.

300 Spelling Words
- Our spelling workbook has 30 weeks of spelling lists, each of which contain 10 different words, so your second graders will gain a mastery of 300 spelling words by the end of the school year

Tricky Sounds
- Some words are difficult to learn to spell because of tricky ow, ou and oo sounds, but our weekly lists will help young students sort out the differences

Fun Puzzles
- While they're learning, the grade two students will also have some fun, as they'll be using the spelling words in sorting games and configuration puzzles

Diction Sentences
- With each of the spelling words, you'll receive two diction sentences, which help the students learn to recognize the words in context

Tracking Progress
- Teachers can see how each individual student is performing on the spelling tests with a record form that tracks each type of activity occurring in the spelling activity workbook

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