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Politics and Society in the Contemporary Middle East | 3th edition

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Details about Politics and Society in the Contemporary Middle East:

The rise and decline of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Deepening authoritarianism in Turkey. The return to military-led rule in Egypt. The impact of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Saudi Arabia. Heightened sectarian tensions throughout the region. These are among the many current topics covered in the third edition of the acclaimed Politics and Society in the Contemporary Middle East. With the Arab Spring uprisings now viewed with the perspective of time, this new edition also provides an accessible analysis of the longer-term political currents, changes, and dynamics set in motion by those dramatic events. Offering insightful analyses and a wealth of accessible information, it encourages comparative, critical thinking by students at all levels.

  • The Making of Middle East Politics―M.P. Angrist.
  • Governments and Oppositions―M. El Ghobashy and M.P. Angrist.
  • The Impact of International Politics―F.G. Gause III and C.R. Ryan.
  • Political Economy―P.W. Moore.
  • Civil Society―S. Carapico.
  • Religion and Politics―J. Schwedler.
  • Identity and Politics―D.S. Patel.
  • Gender and Politics―D. Singerman and D. Higgins.
  • CASES.
  • Algeria―Y.H. Zoubir.
  • Egypt―J. Stacher.
  • Iran―A. Keshavarzian.
  • Iraq―F.H. Lawson.
  • Israel―A. Dowty.
  • Jordan―C.R. Ryan.
  • Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates―M. Herb.
  • Palestine―N.J. Brown.
  • Saudi Arabia―G. Okruhlik.
  • Syria―F.H. Lawson.
  • Turkey―M.J. Patton.
  • Trends and Prospects―M.P. Angrist.

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