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Yorkie Mom: Ruff Notes and Scribbles - 200 Page Lined Notebook

Author: Pastel Potpourri
ISBN-13: 9781687468642
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Details about Yorkie Mom: Ruff Notes and Scribbles - 200 Page Lined Notebook:

Cute Yorkie Mom Notebook for Pet Owners Who Love Their Adorable Pooch!A Lined Journal For Yorkshire Terrier Dog Owners - Blank Lined Pages for Your "Ruff" Notes and General Scribbling!

This fun puppy themed, pastel colored notebook journal is a great way to brighten your day. With 200 6” x 9” lined pages, this book is just waiting to be filled with all of your notes and ideas while displaying your affection for wonderful yorkies.

Blank Lined Journal Notebook Highlights Include:

A matte, watercolor soft cover, so this animal lover's journal is as durable as it is pretty. Great size for rough notes, lists, and general thoughts or reminders; or just for general purposes such as a bucket list journal or memories book. You can even use it as a daily diary.

A perfect gift for humorous people with a creative eye who love Yorkshire terriers so much, they carry one with them on their notebook. It can be given as a present for a whole range of uses.

Perfect for:

  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas gifts
  • Thank you gifts
  • or 'Just because'
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