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Woodstoves and Wool: Dialogue of a Northwoods Deer Camp

Authors: Jeff Russell,Josh Russell
ISBN-13: 9781695374669
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Details about Woodstoves and Wool: Dialogue of a Northwoods Deer Camp:

Don some wool and grab a seat by the woodstove. Join the Russell’s on the very finest days they experienced in the wilderness of Maine and within the drafty walls of their small deer camp. Woodstoves and Wool reads like a fictional novel yet is a factual and chronological capture of the memories that Maine produced for the Russell Deer Camp from its inception in the 1950’s until 2010. You’ll revel to experience a departure from books on hunting ‘how to’, gear lists, and wild game recipes and, instead, enjoy pages that offer endearing conversational dialogue between three generations of Maine deer hunters. The tales are told from the eyes of the youngest generation in camp as the authors, Russell brothers, Jeff and Josh, navigate through their formative years of North Woods hunting.

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