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BYPRODUCT: Autonomous success in a bold new world

Author: Ian Prukner
ISBN-13: 9781732719439
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Details about BYPRODUCT: Autonomous success in a bold new world:

There is a secret to success so well kept that even many of its users can’t accurately describe it. It’s a process the greats in their fields use every single day to achieve enormous success, almost effortlessly. What is it that difference maker, that force operating below the surface which causes such enormous success in the lives of some and such enormous letdowns in the lives of others?The byproduct.This book is a step-by-step guide to re-engineer your life, a process through which true greatness can be achieved. It’s a deep dive into the workings of the human psyche and its link to performance. The process, when committed to and followed, will create massive success in every area of life. It is for everyone serious about taking their life to the next level.The Byproduct is what every great achiever has harnessed to elevate themselves above the crowd.

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