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The Sassafras Science Adventures 4: Volume 4: Earth Science

Authors: Johnny Congo,Paige E Hudson
ISBN-13: 9781935614432
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Details about The Sassafras Science Adventures 4: Volume 4: Earth Science:

The Sassafras Twins’ adventure blows forward in this next leg of their journey. So far, Blaine and Tracey have learned about animals, the human body, and plants while traveling around the globe on Uncle Cecil’s and President Lincoln’s invisible zip lines. The fourth leg of their summer-long, science-learning journey is all about earth science! On this leg the twins visit the plains of Oklahoma, the mountains of Patagonia, the open ocean, and more! Join them as they learn about weather, rivers, oceans, and other geological features found around the world! Don’t miss a moment of their incredible, science-filled journey of a lifetime!

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