Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves | 2 Edition

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Details about Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves:

Becoming a skilled anti-bias teacher is a journey. With this volume’s practical guidance, you’ll grow in your ability to identify, confront, and eliminate barriers of prejudice, misinformation, and bias about specific aspects of personal and social identity. Most important, you’ll find tips for helping staff and children learn to respect each other, themselves, and all people. Over the last three decades, educators across the nation and around the world have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in anti-bias work. The result is a richer and more nuanced articulation of what is important in anti-bias education. Revolving around four core goals—identity, diversity, justice, and activism—individual chapters focus on culture and language, racial identity, family structures, gender identity, economic class, different abilities, and more.

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