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Teaching Children to Care: Classroom Management for Ethical and Academic Growth, K-8, Revised Edition | Revised edition

Author: Ruth Sidney Charney
ISBN-13: 9781892989086
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Details about Teaching Children to Care: Classroom Management for Ethical and Academic Growth, K-8, Revised Edition:

"Ruth Charney gives teachers help on things that really matter. She wants children to learn how to care for themselves, their fellow students, their environment, and their work. Her book is loaded with practical wisdom. Using Charney's positive approach to classroom management will make the whole school day go better."
- Nel Noddings, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, and author of Caring

This definitive work about classroom management will show teachers how to turn their vision of respectful, friendly, academically rigorous classrooms into reality.

The new edition includes:

  • More information on teaching middle-school students
  • Additional strategies for helping children with challenging behavior
  • Updated stories and examples from real classrooms.

"Teaching Children to Care offers educators a practical guide to one of the most effective social and emotional learning programs I know of. The Responsive Classroom approach creates an ideal environment for learning—a pioneering program every teacher should know about."
- Daniel Goleman, Author of Emotional Intelligence

"I spent one whole summer reading Teaching Children to Care. It was like a rebirth for me. This book helped direct my professional development. After reading it, I had a path to follow. I now look forward to rereading this book each August to refresh and reinforce my ability to effectively manage a social curriculum in my classroom."
- Gail Zimmerman, second-grade teacher, Jackson Mann Elementary School, Boston, MA

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