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Introduction to Counseling and Guidance | 6th edition

Authors: Robert L. Gibson,Marianne H. Mitchell
ISBN-13: 9780130942012
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Details about Introduction to Counseling and Guidance:

The sixth edition of this well thought of book retains its logical progression of topics, while introducing the latest technologies, concepts, and applications in the counselor's repertoire. As they have in previous editions, the authors present practical examples and discussions of all of the major facets of counseling in a wide variety of counselors' work settings. They include a thorough treatment of techniques of assessment, including an overview of standardized testing and discussion of subjective approaches to appraisal—observation, self-reporting, and others. This book introduces future counselors to the technology they will encounter on their first assignments and familiarizes them with the type of equipment and tools to expect. It also includes coverage on the vital topics of program development/management and legal/ethical issues. For professionals in the field of counseling.

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