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Saving Money in College 101

College can be both the best and worst of times. For many, it's the beginning of an amazing journey of independence and new beginnings. It's also a time where everything comes with an expense, from buying textbooks for classes to making sure you pay rent every month. Many students carry a financial burden through their college years on top of all the other stressors the time can bring. There's often the joke of "Will I finish college? Or will college finish me?" Look on the upside instead, while you can't dodge a lot of mandatory costs like tuition, you can still do plenty of things to be saving money. Whether you're looking into starting your first year or nearing the end of your college journey, it's never too late to start saving money to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with finances.

Tips For Efficient Textbook Comparison Shopping

One of the most expensive aspects of college life is buying textbooks. While it may seem easier and more efficient to just get your books at the campus bookstore, their prices tend to be more expensive than other places. Because of this, you will want to compare prices from different vendors to ensure that you get the best price for your textbook. Avoid buying the first copy you see It may be tempting to just buy the first copy of the book you see. However, this copy may not be the least e

The Best Places to Buy Your Books for Spring Semester

It might sound crazy, but the spring semester is already approaching, which means it is time, yet again, to purchase your textbooks for another semester of college. While your bank account is likely screaming at you, your professors would be doing the same if you didn’t show up to class armed with the textbooks that you need to be successful for the semester. So, in an effort to not break the bank, where exactly should you be focusing your money this semester? Funny you should ask! T

Resources for Finding the Cheapest Textbooks to Buy or Rent

When it comes to saving money during college years (and beyond). many students strive to pinch pennies whenever they can, wherever they can. Yes, you can cut back on the number of things you buy to "treat yourself" in order to save, but what about necessities you need from your daily and academic life? Being a college student can add up and be pretty rough on your wallet, so how can you save money on things you're pretty much forced to buy? College textbooks are pricey and havin

Should You Keep or Get Rid of Grad School Textbooks?

You’ve got a lot of questions to ask yourself while transitioning through or out of graduate school. This likely means that a large part of your life is changing. Maybe you are moving into a full-time job for the first time, or continuing to move on through another graduate school program. You’re likely trying to figure out where you’re going to live, what you’re going to do, and for most of us, how we’re going to start paying off those student loans. All of these l

5 Tips for Finding Cheaper Textbooks

When it comes to finding college textbooks, the struggle is real. At the beginning of the semester when the professor hands out the syllabus and materials you’ll need for the course, we all pray that the textbooks won’t be astronomically high- the problem is, they already are. In fact, college textbook prices have risen 1,041 percent since 1977. It all falls down to who controls the publishing and selling process, and unfortunately, publishers and even universities themselves having

How to Determine If You Actually Need the Textbook

One of the biggest expenses of going to college is buying textbooks each semester. Depending on your major, students can spend on average $1,200 per semester on textbooks alone. The worst part is that sometimes you don’t actually need to buy the textbook for class. How can you determine if you actually need the textbook though? There are a few ways to decide whether or not to spend the money on the book. There are also ways to save money on textbooks when you determine that it is necess

When Should You Start Looking For And Buying Your Textbooks

When starting off as a freshman in college, everything is new to you. From dorm living to coursework, there are vast differences from high school to college. One of the biggest, and most expensive, differences is that you will now be responsible for purchasing your textbooks. While it doesn’t seem like a ton of responsibility, it actually is, which is why there are a lot of questions surrounding it, such as when you should look for them, where to purchase them and where to buy them.

Should You Keep Your Textbooks?

As college students, we accumulate many textbooks throughout the years. It’s easy to buy textbooks and then leave them on your bookshelf to collect dust once the semester is over. This is a waste of money and space, since we know textbooks are expensive and we do not want our bookshelves to be cluttered. However, there are other textbooks that you might need next semester, or that you might want to reference in your future career. In this case, it’s not wasteful to keep the textbook;

What To Do With Your Textbooks At The End Of The Semester

After the semester, you will likely have textbooks left over from your classes. This can leave you wondering what to do with them. You may need to reference them in future classes, but Should you hold on to them, or should you sell them? Can future students use them? These are all possibilities, depending on your preferences. Sell your textbooks If you want to get rid of used textbooks that you definitely do not plan on using for future classes, one way to get them off your hands is to