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Tips for Getting Rid of Textbooks in Summer

By Victoria Robertson

After the school year is over, you may find yourself with a pile of textbooks that you no longer want or need. For some, these books sit in the back of the closet until they are eventually thrown away. For others, a new slew of summer textbooks are waiting to be sold for a little extra cash.

No matter the time of year, there are many resources available to you to get rid of your textbooks. So even if you’re already in the summer months, these six tips are a great starting point when looking to get rid of your textbooks

1. Textsurf

Whether you’re renting, selling or buying textbooks, Textsurf is a great place to start your journey! The site allows you to search and compare books across many, online retailers such as Amazon and Chegg, ensuring you are getting the best deal possible.

All you need to do is input the title, author or IBN of the book and the site will do the rest of the research for you. It really is that simple, and it’s a platform that’s available to you, year round. Whenever you need it, Textsurf is ready to help you take care of your unwanted textbooks.

2. Local Library

While this isn’t always the case and is largely dependent upon your library, some libraries will purchase your books from you, or will accept book donations. Again, this isn’t always a viable option, but it’s one that’s worth looking into.

If you have a local library that’s near campus, you may be more likely to experience some competition, though they may also have a higher demand for the textbooks that you have. Just be sure to do your research and determine whether or not this is an option available to you.

3. Campus Bookstores

Many campus bookstores are actually open year round, as most schools offer summer courses on campus. For this reason, there may be one (or a few) bookstores open on campus and available to you, even if you aren’t taking summer courses yourself.

Campus bookstores typically buy your books back, though it would be at a much lower price point than they were purchased at. However, if you’re looking for a little cash back for your books, this is a great option as opposed to donating your textbooks. Check online to see which campus bookstores are open during the summer and bring your books in for a little cash in return!

4. Thrift Shops

While there aren’t many of these around nowadays, thrift shops are typically great at giving you a little cash for your items, which is inclusive of textbooks. Some thrift shops will give you some money for your books, while others will only accept donations.

Either way, you are supporting a local business, which is a great move for the economy. Just be sure to look into this option before investing in it, as many students will be seeking cash, which is not always an option here. Just make sure you know what your options are!

5. Social Media

In the age of technology, social media is one of the most convenient and amazing options when it comes to getting rid of your textbooks. You can connect with students that are going to take your classes and sell the book directly to them for a discounted price.

Or, you can post that you have a book you want to get rid of and your friends that need it can message you to come pick it up. With options such as Facebook marketplace, getting rid of your textbooks (even for a small amount of money) is easier than ever.

6. Donate Them

Last, but definitely not least, you can always donate your textbooks so they are out of sight and out of mind. This, of course, isn’t an option for everyone, as many students prefer to earn some money when getting rid of their books. Still, donation is a great option for those of you in a better financial situation.

Places such as Goodwill accept textbooks that they can stock their stores with, providing students with financial hardships a better option for purchasing the books that they need. If you’re financially stable and able to choose this option, it’s one that many will be appreciative of.

Textbooks are expensive and take up quite a bit of room in your house, which are two great reasons to get rid of them and ensure they’re no longer on your mind.

The above six tips are a great starting point for getting rid of your textbooks in the summer (or during the school year, for that matter). No matter the time of year, there is always a place for your textbooks, so you aren’t stuck with them.

Happy research everyone!