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Saving tips


Know ahead of time what classes you are going to take, and what textbooks you need as soon as possible. TextSurf helps you find the best price for your books — whether you want to buy or rent — by searching all book retailers at once.

Buy your textbooks used, online, or from the local bookstore

Your campus bookstore is sometimes the most expensive place to buy your books, but not always. You won't know where you can save the most money until you compare. That's where TextSurf comes in.

If you do buy from your campus bookstore, make sure you purchase early

The used books are usually the first to go. Shipping times from online sources are pretty fast these days — especially from rental websites. All of the rental sites we feature are maniacally focused on customer service - and they know college students need their books quickly. Buying used from an Amazon marketplace is also pretty quick - in most cases you're actually buying from another college student, and they want to get a positive rating so they'll have success in future sales.

Ask your professor if previous editions of the same book are OK

There is often little to no difference between editions - and you can save a lot of money that way.

Check your college library

You may be able to borrow the book — for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happened to the old TextSurf?

Previously TextSurf was a website that helped you find the best rental prices on textbooks — but we've upgraded the site and the offering to our users. Now instead of renting textbooks, we can save you even more than before by comparing the prices of a ton of different places out there — including multiple rental and purchase websites and your own campus bookstore.

2. Is TextSurf Free?

Yes. We're a price comparison site — we compare prices from several different websites so you can be sure you're getting the best deals on books. We don't actually sell you the books — but we give you the links you need to buy them from the biggest used, rental and digital textbook sites on the web.

3. Who created TextSurf?

We're operated by the team who brought you RoomSurf. RoomSurf makes it easy to find compatible college roommates — if you're having roommate problems, definitely check us out!

4. How do I know which books I need for my classes?

Most schools allow you to find the exact books you need for your courses on their bookstore website. Once you find your books, use the ISBN to search Textsurf to find your books at the cheapest prices. We also show you buying and renting options, so you can use the books exactly how you want to.

5. I have a question that's not listed here — how do I reach you?

Send an email to; we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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