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5 Textbook Saving Tips

Plan ahead and save money on purchasing textbooks for your classes

  • 1

    Course Scheduling

    Know in advance what classes you are going to take, and what textbooks you need as soon as possible. TextSurf helps you find the best price for your books — whether you want to buy or rent — by searching all book retailers at once.

  • 2

    Compare Textbook Prices

    Your campus bookstore is sometimes the most expensive place to buy your books, but not always. You won't know where you can save the most money until you compare. That's where TextSurf comes in.

  • 3

    Talk to Your Professors

    Ask your professor if previous editions of the same book are OK

  • 4

    Order Your Textbooks Early

    If you do buy textbooks from your campus bookstore, make sure you purchase early. The used books are usually the first to go. Shipping times from online sources are pretty fast these days — especially from rental websites. All of the rental sites featured on Textsurf are focused on customer service - and they know students need their books quickly. Buying used from an Amazon marketplace is also pretty quick - in most cases you're actually buying from another student, and they want to get a positive rating so they'll have success in future sales.

  • 5

    Check the Library

    You may be able to borrow the book — for free!

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More Textbook Tips

Get tips on how to save money buying or renting textbooks

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