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Textbook Tips

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Buying New vs. Buying Used Textbooks: What to Know

Buying textbooks for school is a huge expense many students don’t see coming. Depending on your major, it can cost you upwards of $1,000, especially for science majors where a single textbook can cost half of that. Thankfully, college students have some options when it comes to buying textbooks. You have the option to buy new or used textbooks and save some extra money. You may be wondering why someone would spend the extra money on new textbooks when they could just buy used textbooks.

3 Money Tips To Help You Afford Textbooks

We all know that college is expensive. Yet for a lot of new students, why college is so expensive is somewhat of a mystery. Sure, you have got to pay to live on or near campus, but you would have to live somewhere even if you were not going to school. Sure, classes cost money too, but that is only to be expected. One cost that many do not expect is the cost of textbooks, which can be astronomical. The College Board estimates that the average college student spends more than $1,200 on books an

Best Ways To Buy Your Spring Semester Textbooks On A College Student Budget

Just like any other new school term, you are going to be taking new classes and for those new classes, you will be needed new course textbooks. This may be leaving you with a sense of dread, and already anticipating the amount any one required textbook could cost for each class. College textbooks add up and the total cost could leave you and your bank account dreading future semesters and their required textbooks. Many college students do have a strict college budget and you should not have t

Textbook Rentals: What To Know At The End Of The Semester

With another school term coming to an end, there’s the opportunity to decide what to do with the term’s textbooks. Depending on whether or not you decided to buy or rent your textbooks at the beginning of the term, you will have a range of options on what to do with your textbooks: keeping them for future reference, reselling them to get some money back, or returning them to the company you rented them from. If you rented your books at the beginning of the term, there are a few thing

Pros and Cons of Sharing a Textbook

Upon walking into a new class for the first time, there are a few expectations that you anticipate: new friends, new curriculum, and the dreaded new textbooks. Typically, when you start a new course, you get a syllabus or course outline from your professor that details the projects, class schedule, class standards/expectations, and required textbooks for the class. For many students (myself included), reading over the book list for the semester can be discouraging, as the prices for textbooks ar

Taking Notes On/In Your Textbook: A Guide

For a number of your classes, the textbooks you use will undoubtedly be a valuable resource when it comes to studying and doing homework well. Sometimes, however, you may need a little bit of help making full use of your textbooks -- namely, how to take effective notes on the required content. After all, taking notes on textbook material can become a bit tedious after some time. What’s more, there is often a lot of material to be covered, which can get quite overwhelming when you’

Your Guide To Textbook Finder Websites

You are about to start a new chapter in your life: college! So as you begin, you run down the checklist. Applied to college? Check! Got accepted to a college? Check! Decided on a major…? Well, maybe! Spoken to your advisor? Check! Enrolled in your classes? Check! This list seems pretty comprehensive, like you have got all of your bases covered. But wait! There is one step that many students overlook, which can often be to their detriment. That step is… ordering the textbooks you

Avoid School Stores: Buy Your Textbooks For A Better Price

Textbooks are expensive AF. Period. There’s no way around it… Okay, I’m being dramatic. Yes, textbooks are ridiculously expensive, but there is a way around it. When you went on your university’s college tour, they showed you the most beautiful dorm room on campus, the amazing gym, and, of course, the school store, which may as well be a thief in the knight trying to steal money from your purse. The school store may trick you into believing that they are giving you a

10 Textbooks You'll Want On Your Bookshelf After Graduation

Buying textbooks for your college courses can be one of the most financially stressful parts of being a college student (other than the fact that tuition is on the rise!). While some students opt to buy used textbooks online, from an upperclassman, or at a used textbook store, others forego buying textbooks for their classes altogether. Another option for buying your college textbooks is a textbook subscription service that will give you access to thousands of educational resources over the course of either one year or a semester, depending on which option you purchase.

How to Keep Your Textbook Costs Down this Semester

An unfortunate truth of being a college student is that you’ll be spending a lot of money on your education. From tuition to living costs to the cost of school supplies, most students will want to find any chance that they can get to save some money. One potential major source of savings through your textbooks. Textbooks are expensive, and having to purchase new ones every semester means that they can get quite pricey. However, there are some ways that you can keep the costs of your textbooks down. If you’re looking for a way to save some money this semester, check out the following tips for keeping your textbook expenses down.