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Applications and Investigations in Earth Science | 9 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Applications and Investigations in Earth Science 9 Edition ISBN 9780134746241 by Tarbuck, Edward,Lutgens, Frederick,Tasa, Dennis
Authors: Tarbuck, Edward,Lutgens, Frederick,Tasa, Dennis
ISBN-13: 9780134746241
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Details about Applications and Investigations in Earth Science:

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For introductory Earth Science lab courses.

Explore Earth’s systems with flexible, hands-on exercises

Applications and Investigations in Earth Science is designed to accompany Tarbuck and Lutgens' Earth Science and Foundations of Earth Science, but can be used for any Earth Science lab course or text. The manual contains 24 step-by-step, adaptable exercises that examine the basic principles and concepts of the Earth Sciences, while reinforcing major topics in geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy.

The 9th Edition features a new lab on volcanism and volcanic hazards, and dynamic illustrations by Dennis Tasa are thoroughly updated to provide a visually engaging learning experience.

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