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Teaching in K-12 Schools: A Reflective Action Approach | 5th edition

Authors: Judy W. Eby,Adrienne L. Herrell,Michael L. Jordan
ISBN-13: 9780137047055
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Details about Teaching in K-12 Schools: A Reflective Action Approach:

Are you looking for an engaging and accessible resource to support your understanding of classroom instruction? This authors of this text provide you with engaging narrative that brings K-12 classrooms to life. A reflective planning model introduced in the beginning of the text helps you make the important connection between planning and addressing curriculum standards.  In addition to reflective teaching, this edition explores classroom management, diversity, standards, curriculum and lesson planning, active and authentic learning, technology in education, assessment, and working in the school community.  Because this edition also pays specific attention to professional standards (INTASC, curriculum standards, and Praxis II) you will gain confidence as you prepare for a career in teaching.

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