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Stepping Motors and Their Microprocessor Controls | 2th edition

Author: Takashi Kenjo
ISBN-13: 9780198593850
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Details about Stepping Motors and Their Microprocessor Controls:

Stepping motors are used wherever repeated stop-start or intermittent motions are encountered. Found in a diverse range of machines such as clocks, typewriters, automatic draughting machines, numerically controlled machine tools, and computer peripherals, stepping motors offer easy compatibility with digital equipment and ease of control. This thoroughly updated second edition of Stepping Motors offers a practical approach to the subject and relates the workings, design, and construction of these motors to underlying electromagnetic principles. The reader is taken through a brief history of stepping-motor development and is provided with expert treatments of the theory, terminology, control systems, and likely applications associated with the devices. The text is copiously illustrated with clear and helpful diagrams and contains much detailed information. It is the perfect introduction for students and professionals in electrical and electronic engineering.

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