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Finite Mathematics | 9th edition

Authors: Margaret L. Lial,Raymond N. Greenwell,Nathan P. Ritchey
ISBN-13: 9780321428295
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Details about Finite Mathematics:

Key Message: Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchey continue their tradition of integrating relevant, realistic applications with current data sources to provide an application-oriented text for students majoring in business, management, economics, or the life or social sciences. The many opportunities for technology use allow for increased visualization and a better understanding of difficult concepts. In addition to MyMathLab, a complete online course solution, a comprehensive series of video lectures is available for this text.Key Topics: Algebra Reference, Linear Functions (shares with CWA, Brief, and Combo), Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices, Linear Programming: The Graphical Method, Linear Programming: The Simplex Method, Mathematics of Finance, Logic, Sets and Probability, Counting Principles: Further Probability Topics, Statistics, Markov Chains, Game TheoryMarket: For all readers interested in Finite Mathematics.

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