Exploring Medical Language: A Student-Directed Approach | 11 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Exploring Medical Language: A Student-Directed Approach 11 Edition ISBN 9780323711562 by LaFleur Brooks RN  BEd, Myrna,LaFleur Brooks MA  Med, Danielle,Levinsky MD, Dale M
Authors: LaFleur Brooks RN BEd, Myrna,LaFleur Brooks MA Med, Danielle,Levinsky MD, Dale M
ISBN-13: 9780323711562
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Details about Exploring Medical Language: A Student-Directed Approach:

Master medical terms on your terms! A combination text/workbook, Exploring Medical Language, 11th Edition provides exercises that make it easy to build an understanding of medical terminology. Organized by body system, medical terms are divided into two categories: 1) Words built from word parts, and 2) Words NOT built from word parts. Fun and engaging exercises help you first learn word parts and then learn how to combine the parts into full medical terms that make sense. The text also comes packaged with paper flashcards. For more practice, you can visit an Evolve website with games, activities, flashcards and practice exams. From well-known educators Danielle LaFleur Brooks, Myrna LaFleur Brooks, and Dale Levinsky, this learning package helps you gain fluency in medical language and communicate clearly in the health care setting.

  • Comprehensive coverage of medical terminology creates a distinction between terms built from word parts, which are usually based on Greek or Latin, and those terms NOT built from word parts, which are based on eponyms, acronyms, or terms from modern language.
  • Systematic presentation provides a foundation of word parts (prefix, suffix, word root, and combining vowel), then builds words by combining the parts.
  • Case studies ask students to interpret medical terms used in medical records and to translate everyday language into medical language.
  • Full-color illustrations encourage students to apply the meaning of word parts by labeling anatomical figures.
  • Abbreviations tables introduce abbreviated medical terms related to chapter content, and are supplemented with exercises, flashcards, and practice quizzes.
  • Reviews of word parts and terms provide students the practice they absolutely need to define, pronounce, and spell medical terminology.
  • More than 400 flashcards enable students to review word parts whenever and wherever they want.
  • Interactive exercises and games on the Evolve website provide endless opportunities to practice building, hearing, and spelling terms.
  • Medical Terminology Online (MTO) provides accessible, interactive exercises and supplementary content in a course companion to help students master the medical terminology presented in the text. With Elsevier Adaptive Learning accessible within the modules, MTO allows students to learn faster by delivering content precisely when it’s needed, and it constantly tracks student performance! Available separately.
  • NEW! Organization of word part tables in each chapter allows the instructor to teach body systems in any order.
  • NEW! Clinical note-taking exercises teach students how to convert common symptoms into correct medical terminology.

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