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Medical Terminology & Anatomy for Coding | 4 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Medical Terminology & Anatomy for Coding 4 Edition ISBN 9780323722360 by Shiland MS  RHIA  CCS  CHDA  CPC  CPB  CPPM, Betsy J.
Author: Shiland MS RHIA CCS CHDA CPC CPB CPPM, Betsy J.
ISBN-13: 9780323722360
List Price: $85.49 (up to 16% savings)
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Details about Medical Terminology & Anatomy for Coding:

Medical Terminology & Anatomy for Coding, 4th Edition is unlike any other medical terminology textbook on the market! With interspersed ICD-10 and CPT coding guidelines and notes, electronic medical records, and integrated exercises, it combines anatomy and physiology coverage with the latest medical terminology needed by coders and coding students. The ICD-10-CM classification system serves as the structure for organizing diseases and disorders, with carefully drawn, well-labelled illustrations to help you visualize the associated anatomy. A new Infectious Disease Process Basics appendix provides the terminology and physiology of infectious diseases. Updated CPT coding information indicates where physician coding differs from ICD-10 coding.

  • UNIQUE! Anatomy and physiology content covers everything students need to know to code in ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT.
  • UNIQUE! Pathology terms organized by ICD-10 disease and disorder categories allow students to learn terms in the same order they are presented in the coding manual.
  • UNIQUE! Body Part key provides a complete list of body parts and how they should be coded in ICD-10.
  • NEW and UNIQUE! Infectious disease appendix provides the basic information coders and coding students need to be able to understand infectious diseases and to code them correctly.
  • NEW and UNIQUE! Additional CPT notes and updated ICD-10 guidelines highlight connections between terminology and codes.

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