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Understanding Nutrition MindTap Course List | 16 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Understanding Nutrition MindTap Course List 16 Edition ISBN 9780357447512 by Whitney, Ellie,Rolfes, Sharon Rady
Authors: Whitney, Ellie,Rolfes, Sharon Rady
ISBN-13: 9780357447512
List Price: $158.66 (up to 62% savings)
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Details about Understanding Nutrition MindTap Course List:

Prepare for your future career in nutrition with this bestselling text--which makes the science of nutrition relatable and meaningful. UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION makes the sometimes confusing topic of nutrition easy to understand by offering step-by-step coverage of nutrition concepts and related processes. Vivid illustrations and quick-reference nutrition tables make even the most difficult concepts easy to master. With an understanding of nutrition, you can make healthy choices in your daily life and provide others with accurate information in your professional career.

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