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The Legal Environment Today MindTap Course List | 10 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for The Legal Environment Today MindTap Course List 10 Edition ISBN 9780357635520 by Miller, Roger LeRoy,Cross, Frank B.
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Details about The Legal Environment Today MindTap Course List:

Discover how law today applies to everyday life and your profession as well as to contemporary business activities with Miller/Cross' best-selling THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT TODAY, 10E. This edition focuses on building skills you will need tomorrow. Relevant discussions examine today's law, the legal environment and its impact on business as you study critical legal, ethical and corporate issues. Classic, spotlighted and updated cases as recent as 2020 immerse you in legal action, while new case examples highlight well-known companies, such as Nike, Apple, Google and Gucci. New and updated learning features focus on legal topics of interest, from cybersecurity and the law online to managerial strategies and ethical dilemmas. Visually compelling pages illustrate the latest legal developments across the globe, in the U.S. Supreme Court and even at state level, giving you a strong background for a corporate career or entrepreneurial opportunities.
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