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Strength and Conditioning for Golf | 1 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Strength and Conditioning for Golf 1 Edition ISBN 9780367567842 by Bliss, Alex
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Details about Strength and Conditioning for Golf:

The game of golf has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, with powerful, big-hitting players dominating at the elite level. With limitation and regulation of equipment being mandated by the R&A, players are increasingly looking to alternative options to increase their physicality to improve likelihood of winning. This is an area in which adding strength and conditioning training to a golfer’s training programme will help to benefit performance. However, many players and coaches lack confidence or knowledge to train with strength and conditioning techniques, which is where this book, focusing on strength and conditioning and its application in golf, will help. Strength and Conditioning for Golf provides golfers and coaches with the evidence and practical suggestions to ensure that the choices they make about their training are informed and objective. This new volume examines why strength and conditioning techniques and principles are important for modern golf, blending scientific principles with real-world, practical advice and tips. Strength and Conditioning for Golf is of interest to golfers and coaches of all levels, as well as being of interest to researchers, students and coaches in the fields of; strength and conditioning, fitness and training, performance analysis, skill acquisition and other related sport science disciplines.

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