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Earth Science | Second Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Earth Science Second Edition ISBN 9780393419740 by Marshak, Stephen,Rauber, Robert
Authors: Marshak, Stephen,Rauber, Robert
ISBN-13: 9780393419740
List Price: $71.66 (up to 65% savings)
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Details about Earth Science:

The best text for helping students see the world around them through a scientist’s eyes Whether hiking along a mountain trail, driving down a highway, or making a decision about their energy usage, instructors want their students to see and assess the physical world they live in with more informed eyes. Through the most contemporary and applied text; the most vibrant visuals; and the most hands-on learning resources, Earth Science, Second Edition gets students leaving the class with a richer understanding of the science behind the physical world around them, and why it matters in their everyday lives.

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