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The Norton Reader | Fifteenth Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for The Norton Reader Fifteenth Edition ISBN 9780393420524 by Goldthwaite, Melissa,Bizup, Joseph,Fernald, Anne,Brereton, John
Authors: Goldthwaite, Melissa,Bizup, Joseph,Fernald, Anne,Brereton, John
ISBN-13: 9780393420524
List Price: $74.75 (up to 55% savings)
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Details about The Norton Reader:

The Norton Reader: 150 Ways to Inspire Your Students to Think and Write The Norton Reader offers 150 ways to inspire your students to think and write about ideas and issues that matter. The most diverse selection of essays, carefully curated, are now more closely connected with new chapter introductions. Essays on timely issues and ideas will engage students, and trusted apparatus will help them read and write. The new edition features more than 60 new contemporary essays, three new chapters, and a new framework for connecting the selections, along with online adaptive learning activities in InQuizitive for Writers that provide additional instruction in sentence editing and working with sources.

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