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Dictionary of Turkic Languages

Compare Textbook Prices for Dictionary of Turkic Languages  ISBN 9780415141987 by Oztopcu, Kurtulus,Abouv, Zhoumagaly,Kambarov, Nasir,Azemoun, Youssef
Authors: Oztopcu, Kurtulus,Abouv, Zhoumagaly,Kambarov, Nasir,Azemoun, Youssef
ISBN-13: 9780415141987
List Price: $174.00 (up to 46% savings)
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Details about Dictionary of Turkic Languages:

This multi-language dictionary covers the eight major Turkic languages: Turkish, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Uzbek, Uighur, Kazakh, Kirgiz, and Tatar. 2000 headwords in English are translated into each of the eight Turkic languages. Words are organized both alphabetically and topically. Original script and Latin transliteration are provided for each language. For ease of use, alphabetical indices are also given for the eight languages. This is an invaluable reference book for both students and learners and for those enaged in international commerce, research, diplomacy and academic and cultural exchange.

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