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Scholastic Dictionary of Spelling | Updated ed. edition

Author: Marvin Terban
ISBN-13: 9780439764216
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Details about Scholastic Dictionary of Spelling:

The revised SCHOLASTIC DICTIONARY OF SPELLING has been updated with 1,000 new words and an all-new design that will make it the choice for young writers to turn to for an instant spell-check.

With a brand new design, 1,000 additional words, and new fun sections like "The Four Longest Words in the English Language" and "The Spelling Words That Made Kids Champions," this is the perfect spelling resource for students. The introduction gives instructions for looking up a word the reader does not necessarily know how to spell, offers more than 150 memory tricks to correct commonly misspelled words, and clearly explains general spelling rules (and their exceptions). Furthermore, to aid pronunciation, each word is divided into syllables with the accented syllable in boldface.

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