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Life Skills Activities for Special Children | 2 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Life Skills Activities for Special Children 2 Edition ISBN 8601400110379 by Mannix
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Details about Life Skills Activities for Special Children:

Life Skills Activities for Special Children provides ready-to-use lessons that place a specific life skill within the context of real-life situations. It gives special children the extra focus they need to understand how to fit into the real world and become more independent in their homes, at schools, and in the community. Conveniently organized into four sections and subdivided into 20 specific areas of development, this resource gives teachers sources of carefully paced, fun-to-do activities covering Basic Survival Skills (including communicating, handling money, and telling time); Personal Independence (shopping, dressing appropriately, maintaining good hygiene); Community Independence (getting around safely, reading schedules, behaving properly in public); and Getting Along With Others (cooperating with others, demonstrating good manners, etc.). Updated topics include: issues of after-school care; use of cell phones and 911; setting time management goals; reading for pleasure; clothing fads; decluttering a bedroom; sharing space with siblings; eating healthy snacks; leisure time activities; using computer common sense; safe computer sites; volunteerism; updated job skills; updated social skills.

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