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Wants vs. Needs vs. Robots

Compare Textbook Prices for Wants vs. Needs vs. Robots  ISBN 9780593530092 by Rex, Michael,Rex, Michael
Authors: Rex, Michael,Rex, Michael
ISBN-13: 9780593530092
List Price: $13.69 (up to 31% savings)
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Details about Wants vs. Needs vs. Robots:

In his witty companion to the popular Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots, New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Michael Rex shows us why what we want isn’t always the same as what we need. Do you know the difference between a want and a need? It can be a hard thing to understand, especially when you want something so much that you feel like you have to have it. But some things aren’t essential—like jellybean tacos and groovy boots. Other things are essential—like fuel and feet to put the boots on. The robots in this book are here to show you the difference as they make trades to get some things they really want (hooray!) but give away some things they need (oops!). This timely companion to the popular Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots makes tricky, but vital, concepts accessible. Kids will have fun following the action and discovering this is the kind of book they really, really want to read again and again.

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