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The Healthcare Practitioners Guide to Conflict Engagement and Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration in Medical Disputes | First Edition

Author: Dr Michael Schneider MD MS-
ISBN-13: 9780692136058
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Details about The Healthcare Practitioners Guide to Conflict Engagement and Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration in Medical Disputes:

This manual succinctly distills academic principals of alternative dispute resolution and conflict engagement for the healthcare provider, teaching critical information needed by every medical technician, nurse, doctor and administrator. The manual is both a reference and action tool for skills development, providing guidelines, methods, techniques and simple reproducible outlines to master communication. The provider will succeed in managing daily disagreements between staff, partnership conflicts, struggles with high conflict personalities, medical business contract negotiations, and tort claims management. This information is necessary for all medical practitioners, from student through seasoned provider, regardless of their roles and responsibilities in the medical organization.The Healthcare Practitioners Guide to Conflict Engagement and Dispute Resolution improves the quality of deliverable medical outcomes, patient safety and communication after adverse events. Implementation of these skills by the reader rewards the practitioner’s sense of harmony and professional fulfillment. In a healthcare system dynamically changing and embroiled in complex and protracted conflict, the professional who incorporates these guidelines will control difficult conversations as a leader, artfully influencing the behavior of their opponents in a dispute, accomplishing the mission and vision of the Provider. These leadership skills extend into every aspect of professional relationships for medical technicians, nurses, mid-levels, physicians, and healthcare administrators.Any practitioner involved in or concerned about disclosing an adverse event or outcome to a patient and family, a medical malpractice lawsuit, a medical or specialty board inquiry through a licensing agency, or a medical staff challenge of competency, must read this book.All providers named as a party to a mediation or arbitration should reference this text for insight and guidance during these legal proceedings. These actions have a significant impact on our clinical practices and our ability to practice medicine. This all-inclusive resource is the only book the medical practitioner will need to navigate difficult conversations and become empowered during negotiations of contracts, tort claim lawsuits, and business disputes that interrupt the providers ability to practice safe and compassionate medicine.

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