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Earth Knowledge Genius

Compare Textbook Prices for Earth Knowledge Genius  ISBN 9780744050714 by DK
Author: DK
ISBN-13: 9780744050714
List Price: $19.79 (up to 31% savings)
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Details about Earth Knowledge Genius:

Put your knowledge about Planet Earth to the test with this brilliant quiz ebook for kids! Introducing Earth Knowledge Genius! - a brand new quiz ebook includes over 60 topics including mountains, deserts, extreme weather, natural wonders and so much more! Can you find the Himalayas and the Andes mountain ranges on the map? Can you spot the difference between the flags of Australia and New Zealand? Can you pinpoint the Red Sea, Black Sea and the Dead Sea on a map? If the answer is no, then this may be the book for you! Take on this brain-busting challenge about our amazing planet! So what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself and explore: -"Reference" spreads to introduce all 60 topics and give all the essential info -"Quiz" pages, includes pictures to pore over, put your knowledge to the test -"Test Yourself" panel lists what you're looking for across three levels of difficulty - starter, challenger, and genius -A fun fact with every image gives a clue -Answers appear upside down on the page As you hop from one continent to the next, you will not only learn more about our fascinating world, but also have fun in this brilliantly entertaining quiz ebook for kids and the whole family to enjoy. From capital cities to amazing animals, finding flags and wild weather, you can explore pages includes eye-popping pictures - and if you don't know where each natural wonder is located, then you can use the handy "Test Yourself" panels to list what you're looking for! With three levels of difficulty, the challenge gets harder as you work your way from Starter, to Challenger, and finally the truly tricky Genius category! If you need it, there's a fun fact with every picture to give a helpful clue. A must-have volume for children aged 9-12 with a thirst for knowledge and discovery, as well as parents and teachers looking for ways to make learning fun and engaging, this awe-inspiring quiz ebook will keep kids, and the whole family entertained and engaged time and time again. At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why stop there? Perfectly complementing Earth Knowledge Genius! why not put your general knowledge to the test with General Knowledge Genius! and explore the animal world in its entirety with Animal Knowledge Genius! Learning has never been more fun!

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