Yoruba-English/ English-Yoruba Dictionary & Phrasebook | Bilingual Edition

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Details about Yoruba-English/ English-Yoruba Dictionary & Phrasebook:

Yoruba, one of the national languages of Nigeria, is spoken by more than 30 million people worldwide. It is the most widely spoken language in Nigeria after English, and is also spoken in Benin and Togo.

This unique, two-part resource provides travelers to Nigeria and other parts of West Africa with the tools they need for daily interaction. The bilingual dictionary has a concise vocabulary for everyday use, and the phrasebook allows instant communication on a variety of topics. Ideal for businesspeople, travelers, students, and aid workers, this guide includes:

  • 4,000 dictionary entries; phonetics that are intuitive for English speakers
  • Essential phrases on topics such as transportation, dining out, and business
  • Concise grammar and pronunciation sections

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