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Christian Worship: Its Theology and Practice, Third Edition | 3rd ed. edition

Authors: Franklin M. Segler,Randall Bradley
ISBN-13: 9780805440676
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Details about Christian Worship: Its Theology and Practice, Third Edition:

Christian Worship (revised and expanded in this third edition) is the complete reference handbook on the meaning, expression, and conducting of worship, from its foundational elements to the very latest contemporary issues. Taking into account cultural and denominational differences, this broad resource clearly directs all church members in the number one priority of worshipping God.

Among the subjects addressed are: Banners and Symbolism (Do they have a place in worship?); Children in Worship; Copyright Laws (Does your church comply?); Drama; and Elements of Worship (What are the specific roles of music, prayer, Scripture reading, baptism, preaching, and the Lord’s Supper?).

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