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Economics: A Free Market Reader | 1st edition

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Details about Economics: A Free Market Reader:

A good understanding of free market economics may be gained by reading the articles in "Economics: A Free Market Reader" and completing the accompanying study questions and answers. "Economics: A Free Market Reader" includes a selection of articles that originally appeared in "The Freeman," a monthly study journal published by The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). "Economics: A Free Market Reader" includes two types of study questions. Prior to each article the "What Do You Think?" questions should be answered based on the reader's current knowledge and/or opinion of the topic. These answers should be revisited after reading the article to see if the perspective/knowledge base of the student has changed. Following each article are "Thought Questions" which are designed to facilitate student-teacher discussion, and to enhance the student's understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.

"Economics: A Free Market Reader" makes a wonderful economics study book for students of all ages, and is a highly recommended supplement to "A Bluestocking Guide: Economics," which is the student study guide for Richard J. Maybury's book "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?" (both books also available through Amazon.)

1. Publisher s Note
2. How to Use This Book
3. A King of Long Ago
4. Not Yours to Give
5. How Much Money?
6. Eternal Love
7. Back to Gold?
8. Not Worth a Continental
9. The Gold Problem
10. Jobs for All
11. Competition, Monopoly, the Role of Government
12. The Broken Window
13. Food from Thought
14. Million Dollar Dream
15. The Candlemakers Petition
Answers to Thought Questions

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