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U.S. and Latin American Relations | 3 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for U.S. and Latin American Relations 3 Edition ISBN 9781009205962 by Weeks, Gregory B.
Author: Weeks, Gregory B.
ISBN-13: 9781009205962
List Price: $40.54 (up to 21% savings)
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Details about U.S. and Latin American Relations:

The third edition of U.S. and Latin American Relations offers detailed theoretical and historical analyses essential for understanding contemporary US-Latin American relations. Utilizing four different theories (realism, liberal institutionalism, dependency, and autonomy) as a framework, the text provides a succinct history of relations from Latin American independence through the Covid-19 era before then examining critical contemporary issues such as immigration, human rights, and challenges to US hegemony. Engaging pedagogical features such as timelines, research questions, and annotated resources appear throughout the text, along with relevant excerpts from primary source documents. The third edition features a new chapter on the role of extrahemispheric actors such as China and Russia, as well as a significantly revised chapter on citizen insecurity that examines crime, drug trafficking, and climate change. Instructor resources include a test bank, lecture slides, and discussion questions.

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