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Educational Neuroscience for Literacy Teachers | 1 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Educational Neuroscience for Literacy Teachers 1 Edition ISBN 9781032183947 by Spence, Lucy,Mitra, Ayan
Authors: Spence, Lucy,Mitra, Ayan
ISBN-13: 9781032183947
List Price: $45.07 (up to 17% savings)
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Details about Educational Neuroscience for Literacy Teachers:

Bridging the world of reading instruction and applied cognitive neuroscience, this book presents research-backed reading instructional methods and explains how they can be understood through the lens of brain processes. Dispelling myths about neuroscience, Spence and Mitra explore how brain-based research informs literacy research in a way that is clear and accessible to pre-service teachers. Chapters address theories of reading, social-emotional learning, phonological processes, embodiment, multilingualism, reading comprehension, and more. Featuring examples of instruction and consistent "Did you know?" and "Food for thought" sections, readers will come away with a greater understanding of the reading brain and how neuroscience can facilitate effective instruction. Delving into the extent to which neuroscience can underpin reading research, this text is ideal for pre-service teachers, educators, and students in the fields of language arts and literacy, as well as cognitive neuroscience.

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