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Education Law: Principles, Policies, and Practice, Second Edition

Author: Dr. John Dayton
ISBN-13: 9781090865182
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Details about Education Law: Principles, Policies, and Practice, Second Edition:

If you want to acquire a strong working knowledge of education law, this is the book you need. From cover to cover, this book is designed to actively engage you in learning education law and in building a strong working knowledge of the law in practice. This book is unique in that it: • Clearly explains even the most complex principles of law; • Connects essential principles of law to current policies and practices; • Provides an optimal balance of case law and instructive commentary; • Harmonizes complex and contradictory case law into a clear statement of current law; • Presents thought provoking comments and questions throughout; and • Provides useful and informative chapter summaries that: o Clearly state the most significant points of law; o Offer helpful practice tips; o Present stimulating discussion questions; and o Suggest enrichment activities for further learning and application. This book provides you with the highest quality scholarship and learning tools at a welcomed reader friendly price: Perfect as both a compelling and engaging textbook and as an invaluable desktop reference for daily use in practice.

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