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Engineering Drawing and Design | 5th edition

Authors: David A. Madsen,David P. Madsen
ISBN-13: 9781111309572
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Details about Engineering Drawing and Design:

ENGINEERING DRAWING AND DESIGN, 5E provides readers with an easy-to-read, A-to-Z coverage of drafting and design instruction that complies with the latest ANSI & ASME standards. This fifth edition continues its twenty year tradition of excellence with a multitude of actual quality industry drawings that demonstrate content and provide problems for real world, practical application. The engineering design process featured in ENGINEERING DRAWING AND DESIGN, 5E follows an actual product design from concept through manufacturing, and provides readers with a variety of design problems for challenging applications or for use as team projects. Also included in this book is coverage of Civil Drafting, 3D CADD, solid modeling, parametric applications, and more.

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